Norfolk Broads


Norwich historic Cathedral City

Modernity and history go hand-in-hand beautifully in Norwich and it is hard to find a city quite like it. The historix Cathedral town of Norfolk, it was given city status in 1194, as even then it was a thriving market town with strong agricultural roots. There was also a rapidly expanding textile industry which was helped by the River Wensom running through the city, providing transport for goods to London and other major towns. Colman’s Mustard was originally produced in Norwich and close to the Norwich City Football Stadium at Carrow, you can still see the mills and silos which operated for around two centuries.

Bishop Bridge River Wensum Norwich

Norwich City, So Much To Do!

As you would expect from such a vibrant place, you will be spoilt for choice as to how to spend your time. First settled by the Romans, it is the most complete medieval city in the UK and has around 30 churches within the old city walls. Take a stroll around the cobbled streets in and around Elm Hill, where you will see beautiful half-timbered houses such as Dragon Hall. The gorgeous Royal Arcade dates back to 1899 and from here you can meander through atmospheric medieval lanes to the river where you will arrive at Pull’s Ferry, a picturesque flint house dating from the 17th century and the former home of the last ferryman. The Northern and Eastern borders of the city are surrounded by the River Wensum, with 12 interesting bridges distributed around the city. Medieval Bishops Bridge was the first stone bridge to be built in Norwich, constructed before 1340.

Norwich City Market

Norwich market on Gentlemans Walk famous for its two hundred colourful permanent stalls, held close to the flint built 15th century Guildhall, is also a great place to visit and there are many food stalls and local products to be bought. Norwich is of course a shoppers paradise with no less than two shopping centres and four department stores, but go to the Lanes and Timber Hill where you will be enthralled by the boutiques and the quaintness of the area. You will never get lost in Norwich as it has many landmarks that can be seen from all over the city, each one is worth a visit – such as the majestic Norman Norwich Cathedral with its towering spire, the clock tower at City Hall and best of all Norwich Castle, where there is also a museum and art gallery. Finally, do take a stroll up to Mousehold Heath, which is to the northeast of Norwich. Not only is it a stunning area, but the view of the Norwich skyline at sunset is a sight that will stay in your memory forever.

Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Night Life

Once the sun goes down, Norwich City starts to party, whatever your age. It has a great music scene, no matter whether you prefer current music trends, jazz, blues or perhaps an open-air concert. Multiscreen cinemas showing all the latest films, cool nightclubs and crazy discos will keep you fully entertained; however if you like fine dining and the theatre, Norwich excels at this also. See what is on at the Norwich Playhouse with its terrace overlooking the river or the Theatre Royal to name but two, there will always be some wonderful shows at any time of the year. For something completely different, visit the Norwich Puppet Theatre – perfect for adults and children alike.

Norwich Playhouse

Pubs in Norwich City

Norwich Nightlife has a unique charm that sets it apart from other cities. With a blend of historical architecture and modern vibes, the pubs, clubs, and restaurants offer a diverse and exciting experience to visitors. Start off your night by exploring the Lanes, a maze of narrow streets filled with charming pubs and bars. The Belgian Monk, known for its extensive beer selection and obligatory Mussel dishes, is a must-visit for all beer lovers. As you make your way through the Lanes, you’ll stumble upon the quirky and cozy Fat Cat Pub, which boasts a wide range of local and international craft beers. Next, head over to the trendy St. Benedict’s Street, where you’ll find a mix of popular cocktail bars and hidden gems. The Bicycle Shop, with its eclectic decor and a dedicated gin bar, is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. For a more upscale experience, head to Tombland, an area known for its historic buildings and upscale restaurants. The Maids Head Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in the UK, offers a sophisticated dining experience with its award-winning restaurant. As you head towards Bishops Gate and Bishop Bridge you will stumble across the Adam and Eve pub, reported to be the oldest pub in the city dating from as early as 1249.

Adam and Eve Oldest Norwich Pub

Norwich has a selection of three Wetherspoons pubs dotted around the city providing excellent value and a vast selection of drinks as you explore the city.

  • The Bell Hotel in the middle of Norwich City sits around the foot of the Castle, said to have been a coaching inn since 1485.
  • The Glass House located on Wensum Street not far from the Maids Head Hotel gets its name from the old Glass Factory that originally occupied the site.
  • The Queen of Iceni arguably in the most scenic position of the three Wetherspoons, positioned right on the edge of the river Wensum on the Riverside Development near to Norwich Train Station. The Queen of Iceni is perfect for summer drinks with its large outside terrace that extends right around along the edge of the river and upstairs seating also with views of the river.
Queen of Iceni Wetherspoons Pub

Clubs and Music in Norwich

After dinner, make your way to Prince of Wales Road, Norwich’s notorious clubbing district. Here, you’ll find everything from booming nightclubs to intimate live music venues. The Waterfront, situated in a converted Victorian warehouse, is a popular spot for live music, while Pop World, with its dedication to all things “POP” and eighties, catering to a diverse fun crowd of party-goers. And for a taste of the local music scene, The Brickmakers is a must-visit with its regular live music nights showcasing up-and-coming bands. No matter what your preference, Norwich Nightlife has something for everyone, making it a must-visit destination for those looking for a vibrant and unforgettable night out.