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Pleasure Beach Rides Great Yarmouth Seafront

Great Yarmouth seafront is well known for the Pleasure Beach situated along the front of South Beach Parade past the Wellington Pier. It offers one of the best family Fun Theme Park experiences in the United Kingdom. It offers low cost admission, with patrons paying a minimal £5 on useable park credits to gain entry, and then topping up credits for only the activities they take part in, or purchase unlimited daily credit through the use of a day pass wristband. Their fantastic attractions and hospitality have allowed them to rank as one of the top amusement ride parks in the United Kingdom. During the months of July through till early September the park is open daily. They are also open on various weekends and peak holiday weeks throughout the other parts of the year, such as Easter and school holiday dates. This scenic amusement park sees in excess of 1 million people per year. You can even purchase wristbands in advance on their website or order a full season pass to benefit from a highly discounted rate. Wristband prices are tiered depending on the time of year (off peak or peak time) and priced by age, with special deals for adults with small children .

Pleasure Beach Great Yarmouth

Rides at Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

There is no better way to spend a relaxing weekend in Great Yarmouth Norfolk full of thrills and good times than spending it with your family or loved ones at the Pleasure Beach or at the other end of Great Yarmouth seafront in the Sealife Centre. The kids especially will enjoy all of the amazing rides that the theme park offers. Rides are available for smaller children as well as children over 1 metre in height and for adults. There are numerous rides available that will suit every type of park goer including a Log Flume, Ghost Train, Polar Express, scenic train, Dodgems, Mono-Rail and many more!
If you are into chills and thrills, the Scenic Railway Roller Coaster which has been the main ride attraction at pleasure beach for 80 years will be sure to get your adrenalin rushing. This thundering ride opened in 1932, and has been a big hit ever since! Each of the three trains running on the track holds thirty people and has a singular pull upwards that powers the ride as it travels the rest of the track just utilising the power of gravity. This ride has a train operator on the front section of each train that operates the brakes manually since amazingly there aren’t any brakes on the tracks!
If you are looking for something different from a roller coaster style ride, yet still exhilarating, then be sure to take a ride on the SkyDrop. This spectacular ride is 22 meters high with breathtaking panoramic views looking over the glorious seafront from the top. This ride takes 16 riders into the air then drop from a great height over and over again. You can see for miles around when this ride is at its peak in the sky, but not for long before the SkyDrop hurtles towards the ground!

Fairground Amusements Pleasure Beach Great Yarmouth

You can also check out the 4D cinema if you want something the whole family can enjoy together. Experience 3D Imaging to the maximum, with the extra dimension added by tons of special effects including moving seats, rumbles, lighting effects, leg ticklers, air blasts and water sprays that will make you shudder. Each film is on average about 10 minutes, and the cinema is handicap accessible for people in wheelchairs.
If you are not into wild adrenaline fueled rides as you only have to purchase £5 in useable credits to enter the park, you can take a stroll around and relax while watching others. You can also visit the Pleasure Beach Gardens which are just a short distance away from the hectic rides. There is nothing more peaceful than taking an afternoon stroll through the gardens.
In addition, you can visit the Fairground Games or the miniature Adventure Crazy Golf if you want a little more action, as these are located in the Pleasure Beach Gardens Great Yarmouth. Also in this area of the park you can relax in Saras Tea Room with a cup of Coffee or a meal whilst you enjoy the surroundings. If you prefer to grab a hotdog or ice cream in between rides there are Kiosks located around the park with a large selection of sweets, drinks, ice cream and fast food.
Pleasure Beach also offers a variety of other attractions such as the ‘Dodgems’ bumper cars, ‘Lightening 360’ spinning controllable planes, and the ‘Pirate Ship’ ride. There is truly something for everyone at this amusement park, making it a popular destination for families and friends looking for a day of fun and excitement.

Pleasure Beach Rides Yarmouth

Pleasure Beach Popular Attractions

  • Retro Wooden Roller Coaster – One of the main attractions at Pleasure Beach is the retro ‘Roller Coaster’ – a classic wooden coaster that has been in operation since 1932. With its iconic red and white structure, this ride is a favorite among adrenaline junkies. It reaches speeds of up to 40 miles per hour and takes riders on a thrilling journey through sharp turns, steep drops, and unexpected twists.
  • Sky Drop – For those looking for a more modern adrenaline rush, the ‘VSky Drop’ ride is a must-try. This gravity-defying ride stands at an impressive height of 70 feet and shoots riders on a heart-stopping journey upwards. As the name suggests, the ride then gives riders the sensation of dropping straight down, making it a favorite among thrill-seekers.
  • Teacups – For families with younger children, the ‘Teacups’ ride offers a more gentle yet enjoyable experience. Inspired by the classic teacup carnival ride, this attraction allows riders to spin and twirl in their own individual teacup. With its colorful design and mellow movements, the Teacups ride is a great option for families to enjoy together.
  • Haunted Hotel – For a unique and immersive experience, the ‘Haunted Hotel’ ride is a must-visit. This dark ride takes visitors on a spooky journey through a haunted hotel, complete with eerie sound effects and spine-chilling surprises. It’s the perfect attraction for those who enjoy a good scare.