Hire Self Drive Boats and Day Cruisers on Norfolk Broads

If you have always wanted to go on a boating holiday you have many options available in the United Kingdom for these types of vacation. The excitement of being on the water is amazing and you can often get the best views of the countryside from aboard a self drive boat. It is surprisingly easy to navigate your own boat and there is no requirement for any type of license to hire most craft available for this type of holiday. The one important fact to remember is that you always stay to the right of the river unlike how we drive on the left of our roads in the UK. So when passing a boat coming towards your vessel you stay to the right hand side of the waterway, and if overtaking you move out into the centre of the waterway then back to the right once you have passed. There are plenty of boat yards that offer hire craft to the public on many different waterways around the UK. You need to choose what type of boat you require depending on the amount of guests and the activities you wish to enjoy. Some activities you may wish to consider are coarse fishing, bird watching (there are many water birds in the UK to look out for) or simply just enjoying the scenery and tranquility of the river.

Different styles of boat for cruising riverways.

For the most part there are four different boat types that you will likely be able to choose from for a self drive river holiday. Those types are listed below:

  • Narrow-boat
  • Wide berth Barge
  • Cruiser
  • Sail boat

Often when people are thinking about this sort of holiday it is the narrow-boat that springs to mind (also sometimes called a barge). There are many people that actually live aboard this type of vessel permanently on the various canals and rivers across the country, so they obviously provides ample living space. They are popular because they allow for a large number of people to stay and sleep on them. As well as being fitted with all the latest modern conveniences, such as kitchen equipment, televisions and music equipment. This makes them perfect for various different uses, from having a live aboard family holiday to a group of friends up for some drinking and fun. The beauty of this type of craft is that due to the large size it can house large numbers of people safely and comfortably.

Types of Self Drive Boats Explained

A wide berth barge is similar to a narrow boat but can fit even more people and equipment onboard. However these are far rarer as holiday hire craft as they are difficult to drive on the narrow waterways and not great for novice sailors. They are also unable to travel along many canals as they will not pass through smaller size lock gates.

A river cruiser is more of a luxury craft that can often be used for inland sailing and be taken out to sea. They are stylish, modern and well fitted out, which is why they are so popular amongst those that can afford a more expensive rental cost. These have more powerful engines and would need to be handled very carefully if negotiating small locks and narrow canals where there are strict speed limits in place.

Sailing boats are only available to more experienced sailors as they are difficult to use. Operating a sail boat takes experience, especially in the tight confines of the canals and rivers of the United Kingdom. Before hiring a craft such as this you would require at least some basic sailing lessons. So unless you have sailed before it is recommended that you hire a more simple motor-craft rather than a fully fledged sailing vessel.

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