Norfolk Broads offer Boating, Fishing and Nature Walks

The Norfolk Broads are a series of rivers and lakes in the Norfolk and Suffolk counties of England. Much of the broads and surrounding waterways have been designated as UK nature reserves, which protect these areas from development and commercial projects that will deteriorate the natural habitat.
For a long time, people thought the Broads were natural features of the land. It has only been recently proven that the broads were artificial features, dating back to the early middle-ages. They are the result of the large pits and holes dug out during ancient peat excavation in the Norfolk area becoming filled with water.

Hire rowing boats or power boats to cruise the Broads

The area totals about 300 square kilometers, with about 200 kilometers of waterway, which can be navigated by small boats and personal watercraft. The area contains around fifty broads and riverways, most with a depth of less than twelve feet.
Only three of these broads are open for navigation, and only about a dozen have channels that are able to accept boating craft easily. Some of the broads are not suitable or open for boating use during the winter or autumn seasons.

The Norfolk Broads Beautiful Nature Reserves

The Norfolk Broads and it's surrounding area is one of England's largest protected wildlife areas. If you visit this area, you can expect to see many different kinds of birds and water animals. Some of the most common birds around this area are the Grey Heron, the Coot and the Sparrow Hawk. There are also many insects that reside around the reed beds of the Norfolk Broads. If you are lucky, you may be able to spot a dragonfly or a Swallowtail butterfly. The Norfolk Broads are also well known for the fish life and famous for excellent Pike fishing. The dense Norfolk Reed beds that line the vast stretches of the Broads are a favourite material for use in lining thatched roofs.
If you are in the Norfolk area, you should really visit the Norfolk Broads and enjoy some of the surrounding river bank and forest nature walks. There are many places along the Broads that hire rowing boats for fishing and power boats making the Norfolk Broads fun for the whole family!

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